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2023. Theatre.

I KILLED MY EX follows two dear friends, Tina & Lola, who impulsively kill Tina’s ex after he leaves her at the altar. However, as they try to get rid of the body and debate life, death, and a curious case of rigor mortis, events spiral out of control, taking a terrifying turn.

Produced by Dear Dark Productions, this new dark comedy from award-winning writer and director, Emilie Biason, is set to premier at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Alexandra stars as Lola.

I Killed My Ex Pied colour.png

Hannah Isn't Here

2023. Film.

When Hannah disappears under mysterious circumstances during a day out with her two sons, Tom must care for his younger brother and hope for their mother's return.

This independent psychological thriller is currently being submitted for film festivals.

Alexandra stars as Hannah.

Women's Writes Fest: Those That Are Special

2023. Theatre.

A drag king and a displaced teen find unlikely friendship in an interval that will forever change them...

Produced as part of Women's Writes Fest for the Vaults Festival 2023, Those That Are Special was written by BBC New Creative, Emma Zadow, and directed by Zyrenka Cox.

Alexandra starred as Naz and His Terectomy.


The Naturals' Christmas Cracker

2022. Theatre.

Three gnomes set off on a whirlwind adventure to bring back Christmas. Travelling across time and space, and dodging some pesky Mince Spies along the way, our heroes will soon discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Produced by the Natural Theatre Company and performed at the Rondo Theatre, Bath, The Naturals' Christmas Cracker  was devised and created by the ensemble cast.

Alexandra starred as Toe the Gnome, Clove the Mince Spy, Fairy Godmother, Dave the Grocer and Victorian Card Seller.

The Wind in the Willows

2022. Theatre.

This new adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's beloved tale brings the Riverbank and Toad Hall to life with original rock and roll numbers and fast-paced comedy.

Created and produced by Calf 2 Cow, and directed by Ed Viney, The Wind in the Willows toured to over 25 outdoor venues across the UK.

Alexandra starred as Toad, Rabbit 1 and Chief Weasel.

In An Endless Garden_edited.jpg

In An Endless Garden

2022. Theatre.

Surrounded by a myriad of greenery, a woman finds herself lost in a strangely familiar place with seemingly no memory of how she got there. Upon meeting the enigmatic woman Coral who resides there it becomes clear that this garden isn’t everything it seems.

Written by Russell Eccleston, produced by Black Dog Productions and directed by Emily Malloy, In An Endless Garden performed at the Rondo Theatre, Bath.

Alexandra starred as Coral, The Father, The Sister, Ex, The Soldier and The Boss.


2019. Theatre.

Hera is angry, but she’s been trying her best to get past it. She has a therapist, she’s read all the mindfulness books she can find in her local library, she goes to yoga everyday and she drinks more green tea than even Gwyneth Paltrow could stomach. Yet still that deep seated rage twists in her guts like a pit of vipers. Then again, when you’re an Ancient Greek goddess, being filled with an unquenchable wrath comes with the territory. Perhaps it’s time to have a little vent… but is the world ready for 3000 years worth of anger?

Written and performed by Alexandra Ricou, MONSTROUS performed as part of the Swindon and Bath Fringe Festivals and the Frome Festival.

Alexandra starred as Hera.

_DH30212-Edit 2.JPG

The Breach

2019. Theatre.

History is written by the victors. But what about the people whose blood those victories were won with? With explosive battles and thumping beats, this adaptation of Henry V explores the darker side of Shakespeare’s story through the eyes of the people used and forgotten by history.

Adapted and directed by CJ Turner-McMullan and produced by Apricity Theatre, The Breach performed at the Rondo Theatre, Cotswold Playhouse and Alma Tavern Theatre,

Alexandra starred as Queen Isabella, Montjoy, Nell Quickly and French Soldier.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

2018. Theatre.

Bringing the magic of Athens to life in the beautiful grounds of St Leonard's Hill in Windsor, Berkshire, this traditional production of A Midsummer Night's Dream performed in the promenade style around the summer solstice of 2018.

It was produced by YAOW Theatre.

Alexandra starred as Puck and Philostrate.


The Penelopiad

2017. Theatre.

Adapted from Margaret Atwood's 2005 novella, The Penelopiad explores the life of Penelope, wife of Odysseus. Spanning from her childhood to the return of her husband to Ithaca following the events of The Odyssey, The Penelopiad offers a perspective of mythological Ancient Greece through the female gaze, revealing the violence and misogyny of that world.

Produced by Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and directed by Christian Durham, The Penelopiad performed at Jacksons Lane, London.

Alexandra starred as Eurycleia.

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